Affordable Legal Advice and Services, LLC
The ALAS Philosophy 
Hello, my name is Attorney Janis A. Tabor, I started Affordable Legal Advice and Services, LLC (ALAS) to offer a more affordable approach to legal services. During my twenty-five years of private law practice, hourly rates for private attorneys have soared to $200 or more an hour. Now I'm not saying that private attorneys are getting rich, most of these fees go to pay office overhead. Some lawyers think they need a fancy office to impress their clients, and lots of support staff. The problem is that in today's economy many people simply can't afford the luxury of all the trappings. They need legal help at a price they can afford.

That is where ALAS comes in. Our goal is to provide legal help at affordable rates to average people who need help navigating the legal system. ALAS is designed to provide legal help to people who do not need, and don't want to pay for, complicated legal representation. We are able to keep our prices affordable because we provide assistance in only a few legal areas:

                                                    1.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

                                                    2.  Uncontested Divorce

                                                    3.  Wills, Living Wills, and Durable Power of Attorney

                                                    4.  Living Trusts

                                                    5.  LLC Formation
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